Summer 2003

Sr. Renata Makes Solemn Profession

Responding to the invitation (left photo). Questioning by the superior as to her readiness for solemn
 profession (center photo). Prostrating during the Litany of the Saints (right photo).

Singing the Suscipe (left photo). Reading her profession card (center photo).
Receiving the double veil (right photo).

Receiving the ring and the wreath (left photo). Receiving the Divine Office (right photo).

Sr. Petra's First Profession

Singing the Suscipe (left photo) and receiving the black veil (right photo).

Sr. Angela becomes a Novice

Receiving the habit and white veil of a novice (right photo).

Sr. Gaudentia's 70th Jubilee

Sr. Gaudentia renews her vows (left photo) and during the Eucharistic liturgy (right photo).

Solemn "O Antiphons" during Vespers
last seven days before Christmas.

Blessing of the palms in atrium.

Tenebrae--Vigils and Lauds--
during Sacred Triduum.


Organ Dedication Concert, January 4
Rev. Cyprian Constantine OSB with
William Hain, Jr. who with his f
father built our organ

Organ-Classical Guitar Concert, June 29
Mother Mary Anne with
John Marcinizyn, Dr. Fred Molek
and James Ferla