Dedication of the Cor Jesu Monastic Chapel
29 June 2002
Remarks of Rt. Rev. M. Franziska Kloos OSB
Abtei St. Walburg, Eichstaett, Germany

"Let us give thanks to the Lord, our God." A deep gratitude fills my heart and my mind after this Consecration of the Monastic Chapel COR JESU here in St. Emma's. 

The first time I visited St. Emma Monastery - the Priory of St. Walburg in Eichstaett - I came away with two dreams . . . for the community here. The first was the full Divine Office to be prayed (by adding Vigils) by the Nuns of St. Emma's. . .  The second dream was the building of a new Monastery Chapel. I am filled with deep joy today, because God brought both of these dreams to fulfillment.

What a wonderful, spacious, bright house for the Lord is built here! Beautiful materials are used: glass, stone, wood - no plastic. My first comment 10 days ago, when I arrived from Germany was: "A Church like it should be!"  What a wonderful Chapel, where my beloved community of St. Emma's can praise the Lord, sing the Divine Office, celebrate the Eucharist, where they can find rest in the Heart of Jesus in their personal prayer - day by day.

To each one of you, and everyone who helped make this dream of a new Monastery Chapel reality, I say thank you.

I thank in a special way the community: May you, dear Mother Mary Anne and all my dear Sisters here see the fruit of this labor, of your patience, of your sacrifices, of your enthusiasm. May the new choir stalls be filled with many new Sisters, with living stones of the Church.

It is a great vocation, a privilege, a blessing indeed to live in the house of the Lord, praising His glory. 

And I would also like to thank all of you. I am always touched and edified by the unique generosity of the American people generally and of the great love all of you have for my Sisters in St. Emma in a special. God alone knows how much of prayer and work, support in many ways, friendship and love have brought in, built in like precious stones in this House of the Lord. God bless you and reward abundantly all your kindness!